Your Self Improvement Project – Part IV

Reinvention by Brian Tracy

This is the first book in my self-improvement project. You can view past articles in this series through the links below.

Here are the four top lessons from Tracy’s book, Reinvention:

  1. To reinvent yourself you must take a careful inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, determine where you want to go and what you want to achieve, and then take action to achieve it.

  2. A major characteristic of successful people is that they are very future oriented. They spend a lot more time thinking about the future than the past.

  3. How successful you are is determined mostly by how you think. Thinking positively and in a future oriented manner leads to greater success.

  4. Persistence is among the most powerful attributes of success. Successful people do not give up easily. They persevere despite setbacks. They are not easily distracted from their primary goal and maintain focus.

Read the entire book review here.

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