Your Self Improvement Project – Part II – Goal Achievement

successMy self improvement project will be focused on goal achievement.

I began this series on Oct. 6 with the goal of implementing Darren Hardy’s self-improvement plan. He calls is the 1-1-5-3-1-30-30-5 plan. I am just calling it the Hardy Plan.

Here is the format for the Hardy Plan:

Choose an area where you want to learn or improve something in the personal development field over the next 90 days.

Find materials to help you with this learning and improvement. He suggests you get:

5 books

3 CDs or DVDs

1 seminar or webinar

You then study these materials for at least 30 minutes per day.

The first step then is to decide what you want to achieve – what you want to improve upon. I have selected goal achievement. I want to improve my ability to achieve my goals. Next time we will look at the learning materials to help achieve that goal.

Remember that this is my improvement project. Yours can be different. You may choose a different area to improve. You may choose to improve your time management skills, your sales skills, your understanding of something important to you or a new skill you have not learned before.

Stay tuned as I describe how I progress through my self-improvement project but also think about what you may want to improve for yourself.

See the first post in this series from 10.06.14.

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