You Get Beyond Good by…

great_idea2There is good and there is great. We often do good – we do good work and get good results. We would like to go beyond good now and then and get to great.

Blogger and idea man Seth Godin recently wrote:

“Hard work, diligence and focus often lead to very good results. These are the organizations and individuals that consistently show up and work toward their goals.

But exceptional results, hyper-growth and remarkable products and services rarely come from the path that leads to very good results. These are non-linear events, and they don’t come from linear effort or linear skill.”

Seth is talking about the grind. This is what many of us do. We grind away. We put in the hours. We get the work done. Day after day, week after week, we keep plugging away. To be sure in order to get things done we have to grind away. It is what makes us productive. Most of the time the results are good. But the results of the grind are rarely more than good. They are rarely ever great.

Taking Time to Think

During the daily grind there is often little time to really think. There is never time to think deeply. Coming up with great ideas, innovations and new ways of doing things requires some serious thought.

People who are creative and people who create great things spend time thinking. They disengage from the grind from time to time and think. The reflect on what has worked and what has not, and more importantly on why.

They read up on ideas. What are other people doing? How are they solving problems? What new approaches are being developed?

How can they use these new ideas as a springboard to develop new ideas in what they are doing? How can they improve an existing idea or way of doing something. How can it be made easier, cheaper, more effective? Is there a new way of approaching something, something they have done a thousand times one way but could be done a different way?

Is there a way to take two ideas, combine them and make they work in a different way? How about three ideas? How about a dozen?

How can they be creative?

All of this requires thinking. Thinking requires taking some time outside the grind to reflect, analyze, and create.

Taking Time to Plan

Now you have some new ideas. You’ve taken some time to think and you’ve come up with a new approach. You’ve combined an old approach with a new idea and come up with a new approach. Will it work? Only one way to find out.

Once you come up with an idea to improve something you need to plan how to implement it, test it, and make it work. If it is complex you need to break it down into steps. You need to schedule it, plan it, lay it out.

Then you implement. Then you refine and adjust it.

To break through the inertia of how we have always done it, to find new ways to do it, to find new things to do or create requires this process of thought.

It requires us to be dissatisfied with good and to seek great. This is how creativity happens. This is how we go from good to great.

Getting to something great means getting beyond the grind. It means thinking, deep thinking.

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