You cannot lead others until you lead yourself

Success, in business, or in any other area, requires leadership skill. The more your success depends on others the more important your leadership skill will be.

Robin Sharma is a leadership expert, teacher and writer. Sharma has studied leadership and identified what works and what does not. His first premise is that you cannot lead others until you lead yourself.

Sharma identifies seven key fundamentals for personal leadership. These include:

Learning – a commitment to continual learning and self improvement.

Affirmations – affirming, verbally and in writing to yourself what you seek to achieve.

Visualization – using the techniques of visualization to imbed thoughts into your mind more deeply and transform your thinking.

Journaling – writing is a very strong way to clarify your thinking.

Goal-setting – setting, working toward and adjusting goals drives you toward your ultimate desire.

Exercise – your body and your mind need regular exercise – it boosts brain functioning.

Nutrition – your body needs the right food and water. You need the proper nutrition to stay healthy and to perform at an optimum level. Leaders do not call in sick – they are healthy and rarely get sick.

This list is a good as any I’ve seen. Follow these 7 – work toward improving your commitment and execution of them every day and you will make tremendous progress toward leading yourself to be more effective and to becoming a more effective leader of others.

As you become more effective and lead others more effectively you accomplish more and you realize your objectives – or to put it more simply – you achieve success.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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