Why You Should Make 3 Lists

On August 7, 2015 Seth Godin suggested that when planning a project one should create three lists. He writes:

“When considering a new project, it might help to make three lists:

A list of everything that has to be true for this to be a good project (things you can look up, research or otherwise prove).

A list of all the skills you don’t have that would be important for this project to work (things you can learn, or hire).

And a list of everything you’re afraid of, or things that are essential and that are out of your control….” Read Seth’s blog post here.

I like this idea because it breaks things down by ability. The first list is what you need to do yourself. You can define the project and you can do the basic research.

The second list is an honest appraisal of what you should not do yourself, or of what skills you need to develop to do these things. You either learn to do it or you hire it done by someone who does know how to do it right.

The final list are the risks and problems you cannot control. You need to weigh those to make sure the risks are manageable. You need to know what is out of your control and how to plan for it. This is probably the most difficult list to make and to evaluate.

This is an elegant way to divide up the tasks and the risks to determine what you are up against.

What do you think?

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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