Why Thursday is the Best Day to start a New Habit

From an article by Laura Vanderkam–

>I’ve kept track of my time for several weeks over the years, but in April, I decided to try something new: logging it continuously. I wanted to know what trends I’d see over months, not just days. My timesheet starts on Mondays, but I made a strategic decision as I started this habit. I began tracking my time on a Thursday.

This isn’t the usual approach. Data shared with me by the folks at Toggl, a time-tracking app, show that people are more likely to start tracking time on Monday than any other day: 10% more people sign up on Mondays vs. Tuesdays; 15% more on Mondays than Wednesdays; 27.5% more on Mondays than Thursdays; and 30% more on Mondays vs. Fridays. We look for new starts and clean slates for new routines—not surprisingly, Toggl also reports that they get a lot of new users in January.

Yet I thought that starting on a day other than Monday would give my new habit the best chance of sticking.<<  Read the rest of the article here.

Does it matter what day you start a new habit? What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.

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