Why is Amanda Amazing?

John G. Miller wrote recently about the manager of an Office Depot store in Aurora, Colorado. Her name is Amanda. Miller found Amanda to be somewhat amazing. Amanda is 25 years old and is the top manager of an entire Office Depot store. That is remarkable in itself but what Miller found equally remarkable was the high level of service at this store.

In a recent blog post he compares it to the terrible service he got just minutes later at a Petco store nearby. When he describes the difference in the level of service in the two stores it is no surprise that Amanda’s store is the #2 performing store in her state.

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All chain stores carry more or less the same stuff. Every Office Depot carries much the same stationary, printer supplies, computer supplies, paper, pens, etc. What sets them apart then? It is service. How is the customer helped, or not helped, in the store? Is the service quick? Does the staff act like they really care? Do they find what you need and if it is not there offer to get it for you on line? Are they friendly?

Amanda is rather amazing to be running an entire store at 25. You do not see that every day. It is equally amazing that Amanda and her crew understand service. They understand what customers want and need in a store. They need that item they came in to buy, they want the process to be as painless as possible. They want helpful, friendly store staff who will solve their problem. And solve it quickly. That is service.

I do not know Amanda’s entire story. I do not know how she rose to manager at such a young age. I will bet we can make some safe assumptions about how she did it.

She Cares

I bet Amanda cares about the store she leads, the people she works with, the products she sells but most importantly the customers she serves. She wants the customer to have a great experience. She has led a crew that provides just that.

She is There

I bet that Amanda has always showed up to work on time or even early. She does her job and she does it well. She leads by example. She is dependable.

She Understands Service

Amanda understands the power of good service. She expects it of her staff. She insists it be provided to all customers.

She is Ambitious

Amanda would not have risen to top manager of the #2 store in the state at 25 unless she was ambitious. She wants to achieve. She wants to excel. She is not content being a mere employee. She wants to lead. She wants to move up. And she knows what she needs to do to accomplish those things.

She Learns

Amanda did not walk into this store knowing how to be a great leader, how to provide the best service, how to lead a crew successfully. She had to learn a lot and learn it fast to achieve these things. So she must be learning all the time. Miller discovered this when he offered her his book QBQ. She wanted a copy. She wanted to learn more.

We can all learn from Amanda. We can learn what it takes to achieve and to succeed in any business or endeavor. She cares, she is there when she needs to be, she leads effectively, and she understands what is important to those she serves. She continues to learn constantly to improve her performance.

It will not be long before Amanda’s store is #1. It will not be long before she rises higher in her organization. She gets it. She understands the value of service. She understands what a good leader must know and do.

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Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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