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books-ebookThere are so many books out there. What should you read? You may have favorite authors and subject areas but it does the mind good to branch out now and then and feed your brain with something new or different. One good way to do that is to look at suggested reading lists.

Maria Popova interviewed neuroscientist Sam Harris and got a recommended reading list of 12 books every intelligent person should read.

>On an excellent recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show — one of these nine podcasts for a fuller life — neuroscientist Sam Harris answered a listener’s question inquiring what books everyone should read. As a lover of notable reading lists and an ardent admirer of Harris’s mind and work, I was thrilled to hear his recommendations — but as each one rolled by, it brought with it an ebbing anticipatory anxiety that he too might fall prey to male intellectuals’ tendency to extoll almost exclusively the work of other male intellectuals. (Look no further than Neil deGrasse Tyson’s reading list for evidence.) And indeed Harris did — the books he recommended on the show, however outstanding, were all by men.<<

Here is a sampling of that list:

>The History of Western Philosophy (public library) by Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell … is one of the great philosophers of his time… a remarkably clear thinker and writer… a great example of how English should be written and just a great voice to have in your head.

Reasons and Persons (public library) by Derek Parfit

Brilliant and written as though by an alien intelligence. A deeply strange book filled with thought experiments that bend your intuitions left and right. A truly strange and unique document, and incredibly insightful about morality and questions of identity.

The Last Word (public library) by Thomas Nagel

I’m a big fan of Thomas Nagel’s earlier work… He is a very fine writer — a very clear writer — and just as a style of communication … he’s worth going to school on.

The Holy Qur’an (public library)

Everyone should read the Holy Qur’an… Read it — it’s much shorter than the Bible; you can read it in a weekend, and you’ll be informed about the central doctrines of Islam in a way that you may not be, and it’s good to be informed, given how much influence these ideas have currently in our world.<<

See the full list here including recommendations for books by women. Why read books by women as well as men? Same reason to read books by authors from around the world – it will improve your perspective.

Source: BrainPicking blog.

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