I was listening to the late Earl Nightengale yesterday speaking on one of his famous educational tapes. He reminded us that one of the major differences between people who are successful and people who are not successful, is quite simply that those who succeed are willing to consistently do what most people do not want to do.

Nightengale was not the first to make this observation, but he taught it as part of all the wisdom he passed on to us. If you think about it his observation is quite true. Successful people put off immediate gratification in order to enjoy more later on. Successful people practice self discipline to regularly do those things most people hate to do and put off indefinitely, like keeping one’s finances in order; keeping track of how one spends one’s money and where one’s income comes from; exercising care in how one spends money and wisely saving with absolute regularity.
Successful people learn lessons from their mistakes and their “failures” and try yet again. They study and learn skills and gain information about how to do things so they can maximize their own effectiveness. While other people watch sports and comedy on TV successful people read and study great literature.

When others want to go home early or take a day off from labor, successful people spend that extra hour or extra day working to make sure that all that must be done is done.

There are many other examples of the many things that successful people do that ordinary people don’t like to do and often do not do. The next time you are faced with one of those tasks you do not like, the ones that are boring, mundane and repetitive, ask yourself if the rich and successful have done this thing or how you hope to be successful unless you do it.

All those unpleasant or undesirable chores and self disciplines pay off in the end – ask Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Tiger Woods – ask them about sacrifice and self discipline and hard work – and then see what they attained as a result.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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