What motivates you?

In Daniel H. Pink’s new book, Drive, he explores what motivates us. In particular he explores what motivates us best. I will be posting a book review on this great book soon, but for now I wanted to mention this critical observation from the book.

Most of us are motivated to one degree or another by financial reward. You can call it profit or wealth or financial security. We all need some of it and most of us want more of it.

Pink cites studies which demonstrate that it does not take much money to provide a threshold of satisfaction and beyond that other aspirations, like developing positive relationships, helping others and serving other higher purposes are far more rewarding to us than simply money.

A new kind of business structure is evolving in recognition of this reality. In some states they are called B Corporations or L3C organizations. These are businesses which have one or more purposes larger than making money. It is not that making money or achieving financial independence is bad. As long as it does not become all consuming and a sole end in itself it is not only a good thing but in can enable us to have the freedom to do so much good in the world. It is much easier to serve noble purposes when your needs are met and you are not worried about your financial future.

My mission with the entire Books2Wealth/Creating True Wealth project, the website and this blog, has been to serve such a purpose beyond simply making money. I could have launched a website aimed solely at making money. Instead I launched this blog and the website to help others realize true wealth – a balanced life with financial security. Helping others to reach their potential is the primary purpose here.

Without knowing it I’ve created a 21st Century business – a B corporation – a service business that puts service to others first. This may sound very altruistic – but it actually is not just altruistic. It is self serving. Helping others to learn about personal development and creating true wealth is very satisfying to me – in the long run much more rewarding than any money I may make in the process.

How about you? Is there a purpose you would like to pursue or are pursuing that gives you more satisfaction than merely making money? Can you work toward that purpose and make a little money in the process?

We will talk about this more here in future posts. Pink tells us that studies show people are motivated much more to serve an important purpose in life than they are to simply make money. Might that be true for you?

What motivates you? What is your purpose? It is worth thinking about. Creating true wealth is about more than making money.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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