What is Your Leadership Style?

From the Harvard Business Review

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Leaders are all different. There are different leadership styles. What works for one person may not work for another.

A recent post in the Harvard Business Review explores these different leadership styles. Karen West, Elliott Stixrud and Brian Reger look at these styles and you may recognize your own approach in them.

Here is what they have to say on this:

“Why do some leaders thrive while others flounder? Professional qualifications (the whats of leadership) matter, of course. But far more often we find that success depends on the hows — specifically, how leaders’ styles mesh with their teams and organizational cultures.

We’ve designed a tool that zeros in on the hows of leadership. It gives you immediate feedback about your style — potential strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots — and pinpoints the settings where you’ll be most and least effective. We identified eight leadership archetypes altogether, using a combination of psychometric and statistical analysis from a study of more than a thousand largely U.S.-based senior executives.

To better understand your personal approach to leadership, select the style below that best describes you. If you’re a more collaborative leader, you’ll probably find your best match toward the top of the list; if you’re more independent, look further down.

Your primary leadership style:

COLLABORATOR: empathetic, team-building, talent-spotting, coaching oriented

ENERGIZER: charismatic, inspiring, connects emotionally, provides meaning

PILOT: strategic, visionary, adroit at managing complexity, open to input, team oriented

PROVIDER: action oriented, confident in own path or methodology, loyal to colleagues, driven to provide for others

HARMONIZER: reliable, quality-driven, execution-focused, creates positive and stable environments, inspires loyalty

FORECASTER: learning oriented, deeply knowledgeable, visionary, cautious in decision making

PRODUCER: task focused, results oriented, linear thinker, loyal to tradition

COMPOSER: independent, creative, problem solving, decisive, self-reliant”

Most people in fact possess a combination of these styles. What combination do you see in yourself? Knowing what your leadership styles are can help you enhance them and use them more effectively. Knowing something about other styles that you can develop can strengthen your leadership capacity.

What are your styles?

Read the rest of their article here.

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