What Is Important?

Acordar as pessoas: há um novo dia!What is important? Peter Voogd wrote on this recently on the Entrepreneur blog. He says there are 8 indispensable elements of wealth and 7 of them are not money. He writes:

What’s the purpose of life?

That’s a powerful question that deserves your attention. My answer has drastically changed the past five to 10 years, and will continue to evolve. Success is part of life’s purpose but I know that on the other side of success is the quest for more success, more milestones, more achievements, more people to help and learn from, more money to be made. That’s great. Life becomes mundane and boring without goals and dreams to reach for but I believe there is more to life and real wealth. Read the rest here…

He talks about one’s inner life, health, family life, profession or career, financial freedom, friendship, experiences and a legacy. Only one of these is in essence about money.

Voogd’s words make sense to me. His message is the message of true wealth that I have been writing about now since 2008 here on my blog, in my books, and at my website. True wealth is about a lot more than money. As Voogd observes money is important and it is difficult if not impossible to attain the other elements he discusses without money.

Seeking material wealth, or money, is a challenge for us all. It can consume a great deal of energy and time. It can displace other important, perhaps more important things in life unless we are aware of the true meaning of wealth and control how we spend our time and efforts.

It is very worthwhile for all of us to contemplate this now and then and discern what is really important to us. What is really important to you? Leave a comment if you would and let us know.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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