What I Mean by True Wealth

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves
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True Wealth is not about money; rather, it is not just about money or even primarily about money. However money does play an important role in true wealth. What do I mean by this?

True wealth is about attitude, values, integrity, leadership skills, time management, family, friends, giving back and financial security. Financial security is not an end in itself; it is the tool or means to achieve the other important aspects of true wealth.

Non-financial forms of True Wealth

If we do not have the right attitude we are not fun to be around and we are not likely to be successful at anything we want to achieve. We also are not likely to be successful at attaining financial security.

For most of us family is essential to happiness and emotional security. With no family we are alone. We build our financial security to secure and serve our family. We want to provide them a comfortable and safe home in a nice neighborhood. We want our children to be well provided for and have a good education. Those are all elements of true wealth.

Without friends we are truly poor. Friendship must be nurtured and cared for. Friends are a kind of true wealth we all need.

If you cannot direct your efforts in a productive manner you cannot lead yourself. If you cannot lead others you cannot succeed as a parent or a business person. Leadership is part of true wealth.

If you lack basic values and integrity you will not succeed at much of anything for long. You won’t be trusted and you will find it difficult to obtain help from others when you need it.

If you do not have the means to give back to your friends and your community you will live a selfish and unrewarding life. You will be spiritually poor.

The Role of Financial Security

Financial security helps sustain peace of mind in good times and bad. It defeats poverty. It defeats want. It allows you to take advantage of all kinds of opportunities. It enriches life. Financially secure people are in a better position to build long lasting wealth, and they help build stronger communities and a stronger nation.

We should never sacrifice our families and friends to gain material wealth. We should not jeopardize our integrity for money. We should never sell our soul for gold.

Financial security enables us to better serve our families, friends and community. By empowering all these forms of wealth in our lives financial security helps build true wealth in all its complex aspects.

This is the message I try to convey throughout this blog and in all my other writings. By all means, build financial strength and security, but not at the expense of all the other forms of wealth in your life. Do so to serve and increase all the other forms of wealth in your life.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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