What Good is Planning When Everything is Changing?

question-buttonA common mistake is to think that because the world is changing and because our lives are changing all the time there is no point in planning. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Planning gives us direction. Setting goals motivates us to move in the right direction. It is true that things will change and to be intelligent about planning you need to re-evaluate your plans as things do change. You need to adapt to the change. But that does not deny the importance of planning.

We can learn from the mistakes and the success of others. In 1944 the allies had to plan the largest invasion ever. The invasion of Europe was bigger and more complicated than anything tried before or since. Millions of troops and all the supplies they needed had to be moved onto the continent while fighting a well-trained and supplied enemy. The man chiefly responsible for leading that invasion and the planning to accomplish it was General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower understood as well as anyone that despite the most detailed plans war is unpredictable and changes constantly. Rarely do things always go according to plan.

Eisenhower said, plans are useless but planning is essential. Without good planning for our future we have no direction. We are ill prepared for change. We are simply adrift.

Yes, plans will not all pan out. Things will change. The most effective and successful people make plans and then adjust them as circumstances require. But they understand the crucial importance of planning.

Of course planning does not guarantee success. After all the Nazi war machine had its grand plans as well. It takes more than a grand plan to win. But good planning is the essential first step.

Make your plan. Start out simple. Identify one thing you really want to accomplish and determine what you need to do, what steps you need to take to achieve it. Create a goal and write it down. Then work your plan – and make adjustments as you learn more and as things change. This is the first step toward success in anything.


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