What Do You Really Enjoy Doing?

question-buttonEric asked me how do you find your passion in life. How do you know what you were meant to do? How do you identify your single greatest purpose?

To answer those questions I suggest that Eric answer another question: what do you really enjoy doing? If that is not readily apparent to you than it is time to take stock of all you’ve done in your life. Examine those things and ask yourself how much you enjoyed doing them.

The answers may surprise you. It may have been something you did as a child and have not done since. It may be something you did once on vacation and wish so much you could do again. Maybe it was that job that you just loved to go to but it just did not pay enough.

For everyone the answer will be different and will be unique to them. It may take some time to find the answer. Here are some ideas that may lead you there:

1/ Is there something you did, something very specific, that might lead you to a broader area of activity? For example maybe you loved sailing as a young boy. Sailing was pure fun, challenged you in a positive way, and never seemed like a chore. It was thrilling. It was exhilarating. Now think about the jobs you could do related to sailing that might be rewarding to you.

2/ Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you forgot about time, maybe even forgot to eat or sleep? Think about that and see if it identifies a passion in you that might be worth pursuing. Maybe it was baking with your grandmother. Maybe it was drawing. Maybe it was surfing. Whatever it was, there are industries built around it. There are careers in every area of human activity you can think of.

3/ Take an aptitude test and find out where your natural talents and strengths lie. Consider pursuing and interest related to those aptitudes. Dabble a bit, try them out. See what ignites a flame in you.

4/ What fascinates you? What subjects do you find yourself reading about or watching movies about? This can uncover something deep inside. That discovery can lead you to a purpose or a passion in you.

5/ Is there something in the world you want really to change?

6/ If money did not matter – if you could do anything you wanted anywhere you wanted to what would it be?

7/ Imagine you are lying on your death bed. You are looking back at your life and how you spent it. What activities would you truly value? What would you be proud of? What would you feel a strong sense of accomplishment in?

Try thought experiments like these. It will take time. If your main desire in life is not obvious to you it can take some time to uncover it. It is time well spent. Nothing is sadder than a life wasted doing things we really do not care about or that give us no genuine sense of accomplishment.

Once you find your passion and purpose you will have the energy and the commitment to do whatever you need to do to follow that purpose and work in that area.

Do you have any thoughts on this dear reader? How did you find your purpose or passion in life? What would you tell Eric?


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