What Can You Learn From Successful People

How to develop your most important tasks

great_idea2The answer is “a lot”. By observing what successful people do and emulating those things you can be more successful.

One of my favorite successful people is Charlie Page. Charlie is a very successful information marketer. He teaches people how to use the internet to earn money. He is also an avid student of success. He studies successful people and learns from them.

Recently Charlie posted this:

“When you study people who succeed you begin to see patterns. By observing these patterns, and considering if they will work for you, you can become more effective.

That is a good thing. It’s called modeling success, and it works.

In the hundreds of books I have read I have noticed one very important pattern.

Every successful person I have studied clearly understands what their most important tasks are, and they make sure to get them done during their day.

Many people call these tasks their “MITs”.

What is a “Most Important Task”? It is that task that needs to be done in order for you to move forward in your life. While it might not be urgent, it is always important.”

Charlie goes on to discuss the people he studies and emulates and then he identifies his most important tasks each day.

Charlie Page’s Most Important Tasks:

Everyday I write.

Everyday I read.

Every day I think.

Every day I file.

Every day I ask questions.

If you read the rest of Charlie’s article you will learn why these five tasks are his most important daily tasks. It is insightful. Your list may be different, in fact it will likely be different. What is important is that Charlie understands what tasks make him most productive and successful in his work and he does them.

You and I can do the same thing.

Read the rest of Charlie’s article here.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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