We Can Turn It Off

Seth Godin

Seth Godin recently wrote one of his typically pithy posts about the negative aspects of today’s television and social media. TV has always incited envy and discontent, but never close to what it does today. Social media does it far more.

Throughout most of human history we did not sit in front of screens and watch things designed to “entertain” us for hours. We conversed, we read, we thought. We corresponded.  Today social media and TV do less to innocently entertain us and more to incite us and depress us. News programming is often highly biased and unreliable.

Seth observes: “Today, though, marketers have turned television into an instrument of dissatisfaction. The shows alienate many, because they bring an idealized, expensive world into the homes of people who increasingly can’t afford it. And the ads remind just about everyone that their lives are incomplete and unhappy–unless they buy what’s on offer. Worse, cable news is optimized to shock, frighten and divide the people who watch it.” He is correct.

His recommendation is also spot on. We can and should turn it off. One need not turn it off completely, though there is little down-side to doing so. We would all be better off if we turned it off for long periods of time.

I stopped watching TV news many years ago. I do not miss it. When I stay in a motel I will turn the news on to see if it has changed any. I am never disappointed, it remains bad or even worse.

Try a TV fast for a day or a week and see how much less stressed you feel. Significantly limit your social media diet and see how much extra time you have to do better things. If you do read on-line find sources that are uplifting, genuinely informative and often positive. You have control over the things you watch and listen to. Read a good book instead. Play with your children. Talk to a friend. Take a walk. Treat yourself to a break from this nonsense. You will reap the benefits and in time you will see less and less need to spend time with TV or social media. You may even find yourself abandoning them altogether.

Read Seth’s post here.

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