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TimeKen Krogue posted a story to Forbes.com in August about what he calls Level 6 Time Management. On January 1, 2013 Krogue wrote on what he called Level 5 Time Management.

He describes time management levels as follows:

Level 1: Capture information and make a list.

Level 2: Prioritize the List.

Level 3: Prioritizing the List using goals and values – tied to events in your life. This was the Stephen Covey approach.

Level 4: Planning by the week and using Mission, Vision, Roles and Principles – again a Covey concept.

Level 5 was described as beyond Stephen Covey and Ben Franklin. Level 5 is about “building habits of execution through recurrring tasks”. Level 5 is explained in The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling.

Level 6 is about managing a quarter – three months. It is an effort to manage change and trends.

He goes further. He lists these additional time management levels:

Level 7: Managing a full year.

Level 8: Managing a decade.

Level 9: Managing 20 years.

Level 10: Managing 50 years.

Level 11: Managing 100 years. This he says is the limit of management for a human.

Level 12: Managing 1000 years. This he says is God’s department.

Starting on October 27th we will look at each of the levels 1-10 every Monday. I will leave Levels 11 and 12 to Krogue as I have my doubts that anyone can effectively manage anything beyond 50 years. In fact 50 years is not possible for reasons I will discuss later.

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