The Ying and Yang of Leadership

With apologies to ancient Chinese philosophers I suggest that there is a ying and yang aspect to effective leadership characteristics. Each strength we might cultivate to be a better leader has a countervailing weakness. The challenge of course is to cultivate those strengths without slipping into those weaknesses.

Jim Rohn wrote an interesting and spot on description of this contrast that appeared in 2014 on the Success Blog.

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For example, a strength is to be Strong as a leader, the associated risk to guard against is to become rude or bullying. Strong is good, rude is not.

Here are some more of Rohn’s pithy lessons:

Be kind but not weak.

Be bold but not a bully.

Be humble but not timid.

Be ambitious but not arrogant.

Develop humor without folly.

Be real. Deal in realities. Be optimistic but not Pollyannaish.

Being an effective leader is about achieving balance and about now allowing the strengths we pursue to turn into weaknesses. Jim Rohn’s list is an excellent place to start.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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