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Jack Canfield Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try
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Synopsis of Content:

It is very difficult to summarize the content of this 460+ page book in a few lines here. Canfield has placed decades of study and experience in a seminal success manual. It is one of the best written in the last couple decades. Like many large works of this nature Canfield touches on every conceivable element of success and the reader can become a bit lost in the complexity and volume of it all.

The book is organized into 64 chapters although most of them are short. More importantly the chapters are divided into 6 major parts which outline the areas addressed in the book: the Fundamentals of Success; Transformation of Self for Success; Building a Team; Creating Successful Relationships; Success and Money and finally the need to start Success Now and how to do so.

You will recognize many of the success tips and principles in this book from other works by leading authors, both classic and modern. Canfield is not being terribly original here. He has collected disparate ideas on success and formulated them into a single compilation with some glue to hold them together. He offers real life examples from people who have proven these principles work. The book is equally informative and inspirational.

Readability/Writing Quality:  

This book is very readable. The writing style is easy and yet solid. There are short chapters and many sub headings that help organize the material very well. Most chapters end with some suggestions on how to put the principles to work for you today.

Notes on Author:

Jack Canfield has established himself as an author beginning on a big scale with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Canfield combines a kind of scholarship with a softer philosophy of success and fulfillment in life. This contributes to his broad appeal. While his general approach is solid he has dabbled in some areas that might be considered on the fringe like his appearance in The Secret film and book. Canfield is an unapologetic believer in the law of attraction and the concepts set forth in The Secret, however even if that aspect of his teaching does not impress you the Success Principles will.  He is also an accomplished personal coach and emphasizes that service on his website.

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Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

Even Canfield has a hard time reducing this book to a few key concepts. Here we will look at three of his principles that you will find most helpful, however there are many more in the book of equal import.

Canfield stresses the benefit of truly taking complete responsibility for your own life and outcomes. He teaches that you must end the blaming game as it gets you nowhere.

Success leaves clues. You have heard that before and here he pushes that further. In many ways his entire book is about those clues. Just like I do here at Books2Wealth Canfield passes on to you the lessons he has learned both from his experience and even more the experience of so many others.

Finally, perhaps the best financial advice he gives is another you have heard before, pay yourself first. He stresses here the lessons learned from the successful about the importance of disciplined saving and investing. 

Publication Information:  ©2005 by Jack Canfield. Published by Harper Collins.  

General Rating: Very Good

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