The Success Essentials

Introducing The Success Essentials

“Success Can be learned. Has success eluded you? Have you wondered why some people are successful and some are not? Are there “secrets” to success? Can you learn them?”

The answer to these questions is YES! Success can be learned. The essential mind set, attitudes, disciplines and techniques that millions have used to achieve success in life can be learned and You can learn and apply them today!

Most of us struggle through life using a process of trial and error to achieve our dreams and goals. Often we experience more error than success in that process.

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There is a better way! Success comes from the systematic use of proven techniques that anyone can learn and use. You can learn these techniques and apply them in your life – my new book, The Success Essentials, provides simple and clear instructions on what leads to success.

In The Success Essentials you will quickly learn:

  • How your attitude and mindset can make or break success!
  • How You can use Purpose and Focus to make success happen!
  • What role does Persistence and Dedication really play in success?
  • What Attitude is Essential for Success and how to cultivate it!
  • How to overcome the Fear of Failure!
  • How and When you need to plan for Success!
  • The critical importance of Execution and how to use it to Succeed.
  • The Ten Most Important Disciplines essential to Success.
  • And more…

All of this and more are found in my new book, The Success Essentials. 

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Where do these Success Essentials come from?

Hi, my name is Dan Murphy and I have studied success for over three decades. I’ve read hundreds of books on the subject, observed what causes people to succeed and to fail, and found through my own experience what works and what does not.

I must begin however by making a confession: there are no “Secrets” to success. Others have sold books through the years claiming to sell secrets. In fact the techniques that lead to success are not secret. They have been understood and used by millions of people to attain success throughout the ages.

Like any set of skills, The Success Essentials is a compilation of what works. Perhaps more important it is a compilation of the essential ideas and methods that successful people all over the world use every day to succeed.

In fact anyone, through enough trial and error, can discovery these techniques themselves, although not everyone does. The tremendous advantage of learning these techniques from those who have succeeded is to gain a powerful short cut to succeed Now! You can spend a lifetime trying to learn these things – or you can learn them in a few hours by reading The Success Essentials.


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What are other people saying about The Success Essentials:


Review of The Success Essentials by James Strock, author of Serve to Lead…

The Success Essentials is an e-book that’s ready for your use, taking your life to the next level.

Mr. Murphy’s book is a powerful distillation of more than thirty years of scholarly research. The author has read, reflected upon and written about many, many books relating to self-help, management and leadership. What’s more, his passion is engaged: he became a master of the personal development literature as he drove himself to personal and professional success. Though he modestly brushes past it, he’s an elected judge. He turns to his writing only after the cares of the day.

The result is a work that has the power of lived words. Mr. Murphy’s has turned his powerful analytic skills to the development of leadership and success. The Success Essentials is that rare book that combines a systematic view with a gimlet eye for nuance and detail.

Appropriately, the book does not presume to instruct the reader about how to achieve “success” in any one way, much less any single field. Instead, Mr. Murphy lays out seven essentials that are foundational for excellence in any field.

The Success Essentials transforms what you already know into a system that can enable you achieve more than you ever have.

Altogether, a great service–even a gift–from Mr. Murphy. I recommend it most highly. 

Daniel Minteer’s Book Review: The Success Essentials, The Seven Essentials to Success by Daniel R. Murphy

Generally I do not write book reviews.  But this topic, so important to anything we do in life if we want to succeed at it, is so compelling that I thought it would be worthwhile to share what I got out of reading this book.

First off, this book was written by someone who gives out a lot of information for free about personal finances and personal growth and development.  I already had respect for his writing and “helping others” kind of attitude.  So when I found out that Daniel Murphy had written this new book, The Success Essentials, I was very interested to find out what he had to say.  The book is a distillation of reading hundreds of “success” type books over the years.  That kind of experience, as well as Daniel’s own story about discouragements and success, add credibility to this book.  Yet there is a humble spirit behind it all, as he challenges the reader to not merely believe what anyone says in a book, but to think critically about what and how to apply the information.

Daniel makes it clear that YOU must define what success is for you.  So often, authors assume that everyone’s definition of success is being rich financially and so they write books on how to get rich.  This isn’t one of those books (though these principles certainly could make one rich).  He emphasizes that re-reading the book (to reinforce and internalize the ideas) is critical.  So far this seems like a sound start to a very insightful book!

As the title suggests, the book is comprised of seven sections describing the seven basic essentials, although Daniel points out the number isn’t necessarily important – there could be fifty but this is just how he boiled them down.  I like simple.  After reading the book, it seemed fitting for me to describe each of the seven essentials with a word beginning with the letter “P.”  So here is the meat of what I got out of each of the seven sections.  Good stuff.

This book is a straightforward read, distilled down to the major points without extra fluff.  Yet no critical detail is left out.  It’s all in there – a lot of easy-picking wisdom.  That is how a personal development book should be.  If you follow these Success Essentials, you can do anything you want to do.  Thanks for the great insights, Daniel. (Author of Boiled Down Money Goo)


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