The Real Law of Attraction – Part II

In Part I we discussed how the Reticular Activator System (RAS) in your brain affects how you perceive the world around you and brings things to your attention. 


Today we will discuss how you can use your understanding of how this RAS works to more effectively and powerfully realize your goals. 


Executing the Goal


Once you have formulated your goal you must execute it. That is, you must take action every day to realize your goal. Goals without implementation achieve little or nothing. To execute on your goal you must take action. To do this you must fully understand your options, the tools or skills you may need to achieve your goal, the people or services that you may need or want to help you achieve it, etc. Depending on the goal the list of these external aids to your achievement may be short or may be long. 


Often this is a daunting task for people. They exclaim in frustration that they have no idea where to begin, whom to speak to, where to look, etc. Many times the people and things that would help them achieve their goal never seem to be available to them, or they have to spend inordinate amounts of time to find them.




In fact, with a little effort on your part if you are properly filtering all the information coming to you from the thousands of sources you see and hear each day the people, ideas, information and things you need are likely to be found. The key is to filter out the extraneous stuff and focus on what will help you achieve your goal. 


This is where the RAS comes in. If it is properly “primed” it will do this filtering for you. It will call your attention to the resources you need to achieve your goal. 


Priming the pump


To make the RAS effective as a filter for what you want you must prime the pump so to speak – you must teach the RAS what you are looking for. Once it is programmed to find certain things it will do so automatically, at least for a while. 


To prime the pump you need to place your goal firmly in your subconscious mind. You do this by first drafting your goal in clear, present tense, time certain and achievable terms. Then you write it down. The more often you write it down the more deeply it will be embedded in your subconscious and the more likely the RAS will filter for it. Finally you read and re-read that goal frequently and you think about it. The more we think about something in the conscious mind the more likely it will be embedded in our subconscious. 


Clear, present, time certain and achievable


A lot has been written on how to write goals and it is beyond the scope of this short article to explore that in detail, but in simple terms an effective goal must be clear, in the present tense and achievable. It must also be time certain. 


Let’s say you want to lose weight. You could write a goal thusly: “I want to lose 25 lbs.”. The problem with this goal is that it is not in present sense, it is not time certain, and it is not clear enough. A better goal would be this:


“I weigh 175 lbs. on July 1, 2013. I achieve this by losing 25 lbs. between now and July 1”. 


This goal is clear; you aim to lose 25 lbs. in five months, or five pounds per month. It is present sense because you have a goal to weigh 175 lbs. and it is stated in the present sense. You do not say I will weigh, you say I weigh. Finally, it is achievable; it is possible to lose 5 pounds per month with enough effort and discipline.  


If you write that goal down in January and refer back to it each day, reading it (preferably aloud) to yourself several times a day, and think about it each time you eat or exercise, it will form a solid subconscious presence and it will stimulate your RAS to filter information to you that will “attract” the people, things, books, ideas and other resources that you need to accomplish the goal. You will suddenly begin to see work out programs, gyms, diet plans, other people who are also striving to lose weight who could join you, and other things that can help you.

It will certainly appear to you that you are attracting this information. What is really happening though is that your RAS is filtering this information for you and drawing your attention to it. Like the car model we discussed last time that you used to ignore but now notice all the time since you purchased one. 


Is this the “real” law of attraction?


This is a very difficult question to answer. There are certainly those that believe that the Universe in some mystical way will allow you to attract the things you need to succeed if you do and think the right things. As I mentioned in Part I, I can neither prove nor disprove that this more mystical force exists. It well may. 


However we do know how the RAS works, it is a demonstrated scientific fact. So whether or not there are other forces at work around you we know that focusing your RAS can bring things to your attention that may well have been missed otherwise and this is a powerful tool to achieve your goals.
Wishing you success and prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy
Helping People Learn to Build Wealth

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.