The Real Law of Attraction – Part I

You may well have the seen the popular video that was on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet a few years back called “The Secret”. Later a book of the same name came out along with a number of other related items that were marketed aggressively.


The movie and the book contained a list of notable authors and success “gurus” who made various claims about how the law of attraction worked. This “law”, they explained, was a mystical force in the universe that brought to us the things we consciously wanted. They outlined certain rules about how this force would or would not bring us success depending on how we manifested it. 


Other than the anecdotal stories these authors told there is no proof that such a force exists or of how it might work. Likewise, there is no proof such a force does not exist and I make neither claim here. 




I did listen recently to a recording of an interview by Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, where he spoke with Brian Tracy. In this discussion Hardy takes the position that what we think of as the law of attraction is merely the functioning of our reticular activating system, or RAS. This RAS is a part of our brain stem that has several important functions, including our vital organ operations, sleep and wakefulness, and of most interest here a form of screening of inputs into the brain.


Every day you are exposed to thousands of sounds, sites and other inputs into your brain. You cannot possibly remember them all or process them all. It would overwhelm your brain. Your RAS serves to select out or filter those things that are important to you for some reason. 


You see your RAS working all the time though you may not think about it. You may be in a crowded room in conversation with someone, and surrounded by dozens of other conversations going on. You cannot listen to all these conversations and the conversation you are in as well. If your brain tried to do this you would be hopelessly confused. Rather, your RAS filters out the many conversations and noises that are not important to you. Your RAS filters the conversation you are in and allows your mind to focus on it, listen to it and remember it. 


However if someone else in the room, in a completely different conversation says your name, or any other word or group of words that are of particular importance to you then you will find yourself suddenly noticing that.  In fact it may distract you so much you lose focus on the conversation you are in. This is because your RAS has detected information that is of importance to you and is calling it to your attention. 


Another good example of this involves automobiles. If you start looking for a particular auto or your buy one you will suddenly notice they are everywhere. That black Ford Focus you just bought – it is everywhere now. Of course there are no more black Ford Focuses on the road then there were yesterday or last week – your RAS is just filtering what you see and highlighting this new car that you now have an interest in.


I will bet you have had the same experience with a word. If you learn a new word, what it means, you will find it in print and spoken around you very often. Suddenly this word you never heard before is all over the place. In about a month you will not notice the word again. The reason is simple; your RAS is filtering for this new word and is noticing it. Even though it was there all along, and remains there after you no longer notice it, it appears to you that it has become more prevalent.


RAS and the Law of Attraction


You are exposed to thousands of conversations, opportunities, articles, books, TV shows, and other sources of information every day. Your brain, through its RAS screens most of them out as irrelevant or unimportant and focuses on the ones that for some reason your brain has selected as important. 


If you can train your RAS to notice a certain thing you are interested in, it will then filter for that thing. It will cause you to notice it and things related to it where you may well have missed it entirely before. 


The fact is we do not entirely understand how this works. We know it is a function of the interaction of the conscious and subconscious mind through the RAS. It has been shown that if you highlight something that is of importance to you such that it become seated in your subconscious mind your RAS will look for it and filter for it. 


RAS and Goals


The theory then is that if you form a goal or aspiration and do so in a very clearly stated manner it will be incorporated into your subconscious and your RAS will look for and listen for anything related to it. You will begin to notice all kinds of things related to that which you desire in the world around you, things that “were not there before”. In fact they are there; you were just not noticing them. 


In part II on Wednesday we will look at how to get your RAS to filter for the things you want to notice and then take advantage of. Hope to see you back on Wednesday for part II.
Wishing you success and prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy
Helping People Learn to Build Wealth

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.