The Power of Persistence

Michael Hyatt - credit: Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt – credit: Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt’s great post on the power of persistence, perhaps the greatest trait in success. Learn here how Hyatt has learned the power of persistence in everything from learning to play an instrument to success in business.

Have you ever felt like bailing on that one thing you know you’re supposed to do? 

As a teen I picked up guitar and started a rock band. But it took a long time to sound better than cats fighting in an alleyway. I had good feel for the instrument, but I had scales and chords to learn, songs to memorize, and a sound to mesh with other musicians. 

There were enough moments of frustration I could have quit and done something easier. I’m glad I didn’t. Not only did I develop my skills, but sticking with it taught me something essential about success in every other area of life, especially business.

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