The Moment You Cannot Ignore

Big change in any organization, no matter how large or small, is both important and difficult. When a point comes when such change must happen it is critical that leaders not ignore it.

Malachi O’Connor and Barry Dornfield have written a book called The Moment You Can’t Ignore to address this. The Leading Blog wrote a review of that book on 10.23.14. Here is an excerpt:

A leader once told me, “We’re stuck.” It was an un-ignorable moment that reflected a cultural issue within the organization. In this case, it hinged around a destructive, persistent, self-perpetuating organizational belief about what leadership should look like that had plagued it for decades.

Un-ignorable moments, write authors Malachi O’Connor and Barry Dornfeld, “typically occur when an organization is teetering on the brink of a cultural shift.” They share four characteristics: they are public in nature, they are irreversible, they are systemic, and they challenge the identity of the organization.

What makes an un-ignorable moment so powerful is that the clash of cultural expectations doesn’t stop with the individuals engaged in the incident. Because identity is formed in part through group memberships, the moment calls into question the identity of the entire group—not just the identities of the people directly involved. It often shakes up the groups involved in ways that call into question why they work the way they do, and this can be very disturbing. Read the Rest Here…

The kind of major change or shift that these authors are discussing is usually a big one and is often unexpected and unwelcomed. These changes keep happening to us whether we work in an organization or not. This review is a good introduction into the book and the book is one that any organizational leader would benefit from reading.

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