The Five Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell

A book review by Miranda McDermott

John Maxwell is well established writer and speaker on leadership. In this book review McDermott discusses Maxwell’s book, The Five Levels of Leadership.

>This work presents a positive view of people and their potential. Effective leaders should not simply search for work performance problems to correct. They help staff to develop their skills and achieve their goals. Then, the staff will repay the leaders and the company with their dedication, hard work, and potentially their ability to lead others on the path to success. It is also important for companies to recruit the best staff in order to have a winning team. Maxwell has devises a leveled approach to the sophistication of skills that leaders can develop.

Level 1: Position

Many people receive an opportunity to lead out of an appointment to a position, winning a job, or sheer necessity. Everyone must start at this level in order to develop leadership skills. Here, subordinates follow simply because they are required to. They wish to retain their employment. Leaders at Level 1 are very tied to their job titles, and they believe that they must know more than everyone else in order to feel worthy. Leaders at this level can be very insecure about their abilities. They look for problems with their staff, and they fail to see staff as people with varying skill sets in their own right.

Level 2: Permission

This level is about relationships with staff, and people with good interpersonal skills can master this level. People follow at this level because they want to and they like the leader. This level is an improvement over Level 1, but sometimes teams do not accomplish much at this level.

Level 3: Production

Leaders at this level produce much, so they tend to attract others who wish to be part of a winning team. Some leaders at this level are stronger in productivity than they are in business relationships, which they may need to work on.<<

Read the rest of this excellent review at the link below. We all can benefit from learning better leadership skills. Maxwell’s work is a good place to learn.

Source: Booktalking: The Five Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell – Review by Miranda McDermott, Bronx Library Center. July 7, 2015. Read the rest here.

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