The Five Leadership Laws

amazing sunsetDr. Bill Cummings wrote a great article recently on the Five Leadership Laws–

“Last Sunday I talked about a great Middle Georgia leader, Richard Keil, but I said we have many more leaders. And we do. We have men and women in both nonprofit and for-profit companies and organizations, our government jobs, our hospitals, schools and sheriff’s offices, our large industries and small shops; all over this Middle Georgia land we have people who are great leaders.

But they’re not our only leaders. We’ve got you.

If anybody looks up to you, you’re a leader. If anybody follows your directions, or your ideas, or even your hunches, no matter who you are, you have to consider this reality: You’re a leader. If you’re a parent or a teacher or a pastor or a rabbi or a deputy who stops speeding cars on the freeway, you’re leading other people. If your peer group at work seeks you out and asks your opinion, you don’t need titles — you’re a leader.

But how good of a leader are you? Think about the people who consider you their leader (even though it may be difficult for you to visualize this). Think about the many moments during the day when you come face to face with them, or maybe communicate by email. Think about your interactions, your words, your gestures, your body language and how these people react to you. Now answer the questions that follow these Five Leadership Laws:

No. 1. Leaders listen. How well do I listen? Do I nod my head and pretend to know what they’re saying and thinking and meaning? Or do I try to put everything out of my mind and be “completely present” to the person who’s talking to me?…”

Read the rest of the article here.

The more you learn about how to be an effective leader the more influence you will have in your workplace and your community. Check out the article and add to your leadership capacity today.

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Daniel R. Murphy
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