The First Tycoon – Mini Book Review

Mini Book Review 

Title: The First Tycoon

Author: T. J. Stiles

Book Category:Biography

Publication Information: Alfred A. Knopf / Doubleday ©2009 by T. J. Stiles, 736 pages.


A thorough biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt the book follows his life from birth to the end and misses little in between. His admirers spoke of how he built a financial empire from nothing and his detractors complained he was a cold and ruthless tyrant. This biography does a great job telling you who this man was and how he built his fortune. You learn about his 13 children and two wives. Learn how he made fortunes in the steamship and railroad industries. Read also about his role in supporting the Union during the Civil War.

A bit dense but worth the read.


Writing Style:           Easy / Moderate / Difficult / Obtuse

Content:                   Relevant & Timely / Too Out of Date

Over All Score:        Poor / Good / Very Good / Excellent

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Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

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