The DESIRE Method of Goal Setting

It is a well established fact that people who set goals and strive to accomplish them are more successful than those who do not. To obtain the most from goal setting Napoleon Hill, the great 20th Century Success writer and philosopher, identified six fundamental elements to setting goals and devised the acronym “DESIRE” to represent them.

Determine: first you must determine what your goal is. To do this you must determine your definite and certain purpose. This is your single most important aspiration in life. It could be a business goal, a career goal, the development of a skill or ability, the learning of a foreign language, the successful raising of a child, obtaining an advanced degree in education or any other goal you seek. This big goal or aspiration must then be broken down into parts that you can reasonably achieve in well define periods of time. Here is where you determine your first goal, the first step toward the accomplishment of your definite purpose.

Evaluate: goals cannot be made in a vacuum. You must evaluate the soundness of your goal. What will it cost in effort, time and money to accomplish this goal? Can you conceivably obtain the time and money and do you have the ability to put forth the effort? Are you sufficiently motivated to pay the price for the goal? Is the goal easy enough to define with accuracy and specificity? Does the goal bring you closer to the accomplishment of your definite aim? Once you have answered those questions you have evaluated your goal.

Set: once you have evaluated your goal and are satisfied it is rational, achievable and contributes to your over all mission it is time to set the goal. This is done in two steps:

Identify the specific goal in terms of what exactly is to be accomplished, by what time or deadline, at what cost, and by what effort, process or method. This must be written down clearly and in as concise a manner as possible.

Repeat: second, you repeat this written goal every day or even several times a day until it is fully committed to memory and you continue to repeat it at least twice each day, once first thing in the morning and again before bed at night. The process of writing the goal and committing it to memory plants the goal firmly in both the conscious and subconscious mind and thereby promotes the accomplishment of it.

Each day: Finally, the process or repeating must be done each day. This repetition is essential to manifest the goal. Your own conscious and subconscious mind will work to accomplish the goal once you have done this.

Follow these five essential steps: Determine, Evaluate, Set, Identify, and Repeat Each Day and you will discover tremendous success with goals. Try this. Commit yourself to this discipline for 30 days and see the results for yourself.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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