The Common Denominator of Success

What is the most agreed upon common denominator of success in human endeavor of all types? What have men such as Og Mandino, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone, Albert Gray and many others all agreed upon as the single most important requisite for success?

The single common denominator agreed upon by nearly every person who has systematically studied the basis of success is purpose. S.E. Stanton, William M. Punshon, Washington Irving, Norbert Wiener, John Mason Brown, Benjamin Disraeli, Robert Browning, Grenville Kleiser, Robert Byrne, Herodotus, James Lane Allen, David Livingstone, Albert Schweitzer, Thomas Carlyle, and Abraham Lincoln, among many other achievers and successful men have agreed upon this point.

In coming Blog entries and Creating True Wealth ezine articles we will examine the lives of these men and how they demonstrated through their own trials and successes the truth of this axiom – as put most famously by Napoleon Hill, Definite Purpose is the most essential requirement for success.

Do you have a purpose? Do you have a single, driving all powerful purpose that guides your efforts and consumes your energy? Are your efforts aimed at achieving a single and most important goal? If not, you may well wish to consider that there has never been more agreement upon a principle of success than this one.

I will continue on this subject with you in coming installments. For now, consider how your efforts and energy are spent and focused. Are they focused with laser like specificity upon the most important purpose or goal that you wish to achieve? If not, why not?

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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