The Blind Visionary

Motorbike Ferry Ho Chi Minh
Foter / CC BY-SA

John Tue Nguyen founded a high end travel company in Vietnam in 1999. Many thought him crazy to try. At the time most visitors to Vietnam were not “high end”, they were backpackers. In addition between 1997 and 1999 Nguyen completely lost is sight.

Despite the criticism John persevered. His wife supported the family with her earnings as a flight attendant while John kept at his business idea. That wife of his was special too; he tried to break up with her when she was his girlfriend because he was losing his sight. She would have nothing of it. She hung in there and married him.

John’s business start was rocky. His first three employees never showed up for work. He was unable to make a contract with a luxury hotel which would have been great for his fledgling business. But he did not give up.

He says now that it was a “bitter time” for him but that he became more determined the more obstacles he faced.

He gradually built connections with people who could help him. He built a reputation as an excellent guide. He began a river cruise line with one boat and added another each year for four years. By 2009 his company was growing quickly. He incorporated under the name Trails of Indochina. Today his business is a great success and continues to grow.

So what might be your excuse for not succeeding? If blindness, living in a developing nation with a communist government and starting with virtually nothing was not enough to stop John Tue Nguyen and his wife Ngoc Phan, then what might be a good reason for you not to succeed?

Source: Success Magazine October 13, 2013. Success Magazine is a great source of stories about those who are successful even against difficult odds. I have no affiliation with Success Magazine, but I read each issue as it comes out and recommend it highly.

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