Ten Jobs That Cannot Be Moved Overseas

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Are you thinking about a career? How about a second career? Do you want a job that cannot be moved to another country?

Holly Johnson wrote a great article on The Simple Dollar recently about 10 jobs that cannot be moved overseas.

>Over the last decade, two huge issues — rising student loan debt and the lack of entry-level jobs – have been on a collision course. Everywhere we look, we see stories about the growing number of students who accrue debt without ever earning a degree, how America’s students accrue $3,055 in student loan debt every second, and the notoriously poor job prospects for millennials.

Meanwhile, more and more jobs are being shipped overseas, including up to 3.2 million jobs to China alone since 2001.

And that’s part of the problem. In certain fields, students are racking up enormous amounts of debt to prepare for jobs that they can’t even get – at least not here.

Can Anything Replace the Value of Hard Work?

Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” echoed that sentiment last year in a segment on Fox News. According to Rowe, today’s students are receiving conflicting advice – and even bad advice – on what it takes to get ahead in today’s economy.

Cheesy slogans like “Work smart, not hard” aren’t helping, says Rowe, whose foundation – the mikeroweWORKS Foundation – aims to prepare people for jobs in the skilled trades.

Their slogan? “Work smart and hard.”<<

The list of jobs includes a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Carpenter, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Dental Hygienist and more.

The article describes the jobs, why they cannot be outsourced, what training or education is required and what they typically pay.

Read the rest of Holly’s article here.

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