Tech Geek Tips on Time Management

ETM“If there is one thing we can never get enough of, it’s time. In our youth, time seems to move slowly, with each year feeling like that of an entire era. And as we age, we feel as if it speeds up exponentially and without restraint.

Each and every one of us has exactly 168 hours a week at our disposal. Subtract the 56 hours we’d (hopefully) use for sleeping, and that gives us 112 hours. How we use that time and what we do or do not accomplish with it, is entirely up to us.

So how can we get the most from our 112-hour budget? How can we manage this finite resource to achieve the highest ROI? To offer some ideas, here are some time management tips from tech industry geeks.”

Curt Finch posted this story on Small Biz Trends in February about Top Management Tips Straight from Tech Industry Geeks. The list is small and very useful. I love these. Try them today and see how they work for you.

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