Success Essentials – April’s Book of the Month

ebook1_smallCan success be learned? You learned the answer to this question when you were a small child and learned how to ride a bicycle. You watched other children and adults ride bikes and it looked effortless. Somehow they remained perfectly balanced in an upright position on just two wheels and sailed by joyfully.

When you first got on a bicycle you felt terribly inept, awkward, uncoordinated, and incapable of duplicating what you saw. For most people the feeling is also fear. There was fear of falling, of injuring yourself, but most of all of failure.

Someone likely helped you. Someone probably explained how to ride the bike, how to shift your weight by very small increments and how to balance until the bike got going.

You likely had to try many times before you could simply sail by on your bike. But it did happen. You learned how to successfully ride your bike, or how to swim, or how to drive a car, or any number of things. In each case you learned success from others who had learned it before you.

At some point as adults we stop believing we can do this. We think it was fine to learn to ride a bike, that’s kid’s stuff after all. Learning to be successful as an adult is another thing altogether – one cannot just learn to do that after all.

One can. People do it every day.

All success can be learned. If something can be done by one person successfully it can be done by another person. We see this in life all the time.

Success in life can be learned. There are immutable principles and disciplines that will enhance your chance to succeed – at anything you want to achieve. These things are well understood. They can be learned and put into practice.

I call these things the Success Essentials and you can learn them in my book, The Success Essentials. I am featuring this book as the April Book of the Month on my website and in my newsletter, Creating True Wealth. Read the review on this book and then download it onto your Kindle or computer and start learning how people succeed and how you can succeed today.

It is as easy as riding a bike!

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.