Success at Work to Earn More

The Creating True Wealth Series – Part 3

Back to work!!!
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We take up here where we left off in Part 2 on Earning More. Here are more tips on how to be successful at work.

Build positive relationships with everyone in the workplace. You do nothing but gain from building a positive relationship with everyone in your workplace, from the highest level of management that you can easily interact with to the person who empties the trash cans. Be friendly to everyone. Ask how their day is going. Find some common interests and talk about them. The more people you develop positive relationships with (both up and down the hierarchy), the better off youʼll be.

Ignore poisonous people. Every workplace seems to have a poisonous person or two. I know Iʼve interacted with plenty of such people in my years – and in a few cases, theyʼve really reduced the quality of the work environment and made me more negative. If youʼre stuck with a poisonous person, just minimize all interaction with that person. When you do have to interact, stick with the facts and get back to your own tasks. That person might spew some poison about you, but most workplaces have pretty clearly identified the poisonous people and take what they say with a grain of salt, so donʼt let their responses or backstabbing bother you. Get your work done and move on with life.

Never use your sick leave as “extra vacation.” In one environment where I worked, this problem was endemic. As soon as a person had enough sick leave built up to take even a single day off, that person called in “sick” like clockwork – with one exception. Want to guess who the one person was that received a raise and then, later, a promotion was? Itʼs fine to use your sick leave when youʼre actually ill, but consistent and reliable presence in the workplace is a huge benefit for your long-term career goals.

Improve yourself in your spare time. The simplest way to do this is to work on getting in better shape. Get some exercise and eat a healthy diet. Doing this will improve both your energy and your appearance, things that are purely beneficial in any work environment. If you have a job that requires some specific skills, find ways to improve those in your spare time as well. Keep up to date on your specific area of knowledge. Learn what you would need to know to take the next step in your career.

Step up to challenges when they present themselves. When a challenging situation comes up, donʼt shy away from it. Step up to the plate and give it your best shot. If you think it might be over your head, ask for help when you need it. If you show yourself able to handle challenging tasks, youʼll become a more valuable employee, and a more valuable employee gets more perks.

Be a leader when itʼs needed. When difficult situations occur, every workplace benefits from having someone they can rely on as a leader. Be the person that speaks for the workers during a meeting. Be the person who helps people out when theyʼre going through a crisis. Eventually, youʼll find that people simply come to you by default – and that includes management.

Own up to your own mistakes. If you mess up (and you inevitably will), admit to the mistake and do what you can to rectify it. Donʼt try to hide it. Donʼt try to pass the blame to others. Apologize well – not facetiously. Everyone makes mistakes. The winners are the people who own up to those mistakes and then go the extra mile to fix the created problem.
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