Jim Rohn's Six Essentials to a Good Life

Jim Rohn’s father was a minister and a farmer. Jim was instilled with a deep belief in God from his childhood. When he spoke about the good life he did not mention a religion or even religion in general. What he talked about is more elusive but none the less important: spirituality.

The message I got from Rohn on spirituality is that whatever you believe about things of a spiritual nature you should nurture and practice those beliefs in ways that provide solace, peace and good habits.

Most people have some spiritual sense or beliefs. He may be that you are an adherent of one of the world’s many formal religions. You may be a devout believer and practice your religion daily, or you may pick and choose parts of those ancient wisdoms and belief systems you find valid and reject other parts. You may like some form of “new age” spirituality or you may just believe that the universe is highly interconnected and that science cannot answer all your questions. You may also be an agnostic or even an atheist who sees no place in your life for spirituality.

If you fall in that last category of having no spiritual beliefs you may want to check the sports page now. But if you are like most people you have some spiritual need and Rohn’s point for those who have spiritual beliefs is to study them, practice them, and live them. He suggested we should not neglect this aspect of our lives because for most people it is important.

For those who have a spiritual need or belief system it is best not to neglect it – that was Rohn’s point. Neglect of the spiritual side of the human experience can leave people with a sense of emptiness and longing. Therefore, to have a good life and a complete one it is important to pay some attention to those spiritual needs. Rohn strongly believed this, that to have a good life one must give some time and effort to ponder the spiritual side of the human experience.

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