Solving Your Problems – Part 1

question-buttonThe purpose of this blog is to help you succeed. I need to know what you need in order to succeed. I am asking you to please let me know what you need. What questions do you have about success, creating and managing wealth, leadership skills, personal development and time management?

You can ask me these questions two ways. If you do not mind doing so publically just post a comment to this post with your questions. If you wish to do so privately then go to my contact page at: and send me a private message with your question or questions. I will respond to you privately and will not make your questions public unless you allow me to.

Please help me help you better. Help me understand what is stopping you, frustrating you, and limiting you from reaching your goals and your potential.

I very much look forward to our conversations and hope you will let me know how I can help you. Post or send your questions any time, this post will remain up indefinitely and in the coming months additional questions like this will appear.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.