Should You Be Dumb Enough to Get Ahead?

Here is another post that will challenge common beliefs about how to be more successful in the business world. I find myself challenging these ideas but they are worth considering. It is a post on the Financial Sumari blog—

The smartest people in the world are listeners, not speakers. If all you’re doing is speaking, how do you learn anything new? 

There was once this portfolio manager I covered who had this uncanny ability to make you feel uncomfortable without saying anything at all. He had a poker face when you spoke to him, and when he felt like changing expressions, he’d go from solemn to smiles in a millisecond. We nicknamed him Crazy Eyes. It turns out that he was literally a genius with an IQ over 160. He also consistently beat his index benchmark for eight years in a row and made millions because of it.  Read the rest here…

My take away on this is the value of being a good listener. Jumping in to talk is often not the best strategy. Cultivate the art of listening.

The rest of the advice… well I am not so sure. What do you think?

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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