Serve to Lead by James M. Strock – book review by Dan Murphy

Once in awhile I run across a truly great book. This is one. Read the review and I highly recommend you get the book. It will be one of the greatest leadership books of this decade.

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Serve to Lead by James M. Strock

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In what will prove to be one of the very best books on leadership of this decade James Strock has written an in depth examination of how leadership and organizational dynamics in the 21st century will and do depend on service to others. He identifies all the persons you must learn to serve and how you improve yourself and your leadership by viewing all your relationships in business and your personal life in terms of service to others.

The 21st century and the latter part of the 20th century saw a transformation from top down management in organizations to a flatter model with greater opportunities for and the need for people in all levels of an organization to lead. Leadership, Strock argues, is about service first and foremost.

Strock claims this approach is transformational and it appears to be so. He warns the reader that this book does little good to simply read through casually. This book is a blueprint for how to transform your leadership style to become much more effective in the modern world. It is a book to be studied and returned to often.

The book is replete with a rich storehouse of quotations from dozens of thought leaders. He uses illustrations and detailed explanations to paint a clear picture of where you need to go in the new leader through service model.

No matter what kind of organization you are in, from military to business to non profit institution, this book will be invaluable.

I very rarely label a book as Excellent – it is the highest tribute I can give. This book falls in that exclusive category of a book that can truly transform your approach to leadership. Strock gets it – and you will as well if you read this book and use it.

Readability/Writing Quality:  
This is a very readable book. It is broken into easily grasped sections and well organized.

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James M. Strock is a recognized authority and speaker on leadership. He serves clients worldwide including Fortune 100 companies. He has also written Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership and Reagan on Leadership.

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Three Great Ideas You Can Use:  

1. Leadership can be learned. It comprises competencies which can be developed through continuous improvement.

2. Everyone can lead because everyone can serve. Framing leadership in terms of service not only opens leadership to everyone it also expands leadership to its most effective form.

3. Communication must be an integral element of leadership – it can no longer be seen as a support function. Leaders must master effective communication to lead effectively. 

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Serve to Lead by James M. Strock
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