Scarcity or Abundance?

great_idea2In this short post, Perceived Scarcity in a World of Outrageous Abundance, by Michael Hyatt he discusses how we see the world in terms of scarcity or abundance. How we view the world has a great impact on how we succeed or fail. How do you see the world? Does your view limit you? I invite you to read Michael’s post and give this some thought. Hyatt starts out:

When we see what others have, is our basic reaction to notice what we’re missing or express gratitude for what we have?

I’ve thought a lot about this question over the years but came back to it recently when I found myself feeling a little jealous over all the vacation posts popping up on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

At some point the serene beaches, beautiful lakes, and mountaintop views started getting to me. I felt like I was missing out. Maybe you’ve felt this way too.

But here’s what’s strange about my reaction: I’m going on vacation in just a few weeks. I’m not missing out on anything. So why do I feel as if I am?

Our Culture of Scarcity

Too often we focus on what we lack instead of what we have. According to researcher Brené Brown, we live in a culture of perceived scarcity, what she calls in Daring Greatly “our culture of ‘never enough.'”…

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