Repeated Failure to Make Financial Changes

Pretty PennyHave you found it difficult to make needed changes in your financial life? Do you repeatedly try but fail to sustain change to improve your financial situation? Here is an article that provides some insight into why this happens and what to do about it.

Trent Hamm posted this article on The Simple Dollar blog on June 6. He discusses his experience with repeatedly failing to make a positive change in his finances. He tells us why people fail to make the changes they need to make and then tells us how to do it.

During 2004, 2005, and early 2006, I made a lot of feeble attempts at turning our finances around. I’d make these little commitments to myself to stop spending so much money or to start paying off credit cards. It never took very long before those commitments fell apart and, before long, I didn’t even really believe in those commitments. 

I basically fell into a mindset that I would never really change my financial situation and that somehow in the future some miracle would happen to turn everything around. 

Looking back on it, I think there were four key reasons why I was never able to commit to that change.

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Almost all of us experience difficulty with making needed financial changes and sustaining them. This article gives some valuable insight into why that is and what we can do about it.

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