Jim Rohn

Become More to Achieve More

Jim Rohn was known as America’s business philosopher. He taught millions of people how to change their lives to achieve more by becoming more.

Jim wrote great little books on personal development and he spoke to millions all over the world for decades inspiring them to change their attitudes and approach to achieve more and have more. Though Jim is no longer with us he left an invaluable stock of teaching materials we can all benefit from. From Jim’s work you can learn:

  • How to change your attitude to lead you  to success.
  • How to create wealth.
  • How to learn more to become more so you can achieve more.

Jim Rohn grew up in a small Idaho town. His father was a farmer and minister. Jim graduated high school and started a family. He struggled with too little money. As he said there was often too much month left after the money ran out.

Then he studied the work of others who had succeeded and put those lessons to work. He became a successful businessman and a millionaire. He then taught millions of others to do the same.

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