Plan for the Blog

My last post was about having a plan so here is the plan for this blog for 2017—

I want to focus my energy on this blog and things related to it. To do that I am consolidating my other site content here so you can find it all in one place. My site called will be phased out this year. To accomplish that I will be moving its content to this blog. That will take some time as I will be moving the content over here page by page. In a few months that transfer will be complete and I will close the books2wealth site and create a redirect so that when people go looking for books2wealth they will be directed here.

My aim is to make finding things easier for you. No more moving from one site to another. You will be able to find it all here: my interviews with expert authors, articles, and book reviews. All in one place. It will also be easier and cleaner for me to maintain one site.

My second goal is to update my books as needed and make them all available both on Kindle and in print. I stared that process last year and should have it done in the first half of this year.

Additionally I will continue adding high quality content here with blog entries at least twice a week.

My third goal is to create some higher value courses for you. I already have the Effective Time Management Lessons available but will also be working on courses to delve deeper into success, personal development and related areas. Those will take longer to complete and should be launched later this year.

I would love to hear from you about how I can do any and all of this in ways that serve you better, so contact me either by commenting on this post or at the contact link below if you wish it to be private.

I look forward to another year of exploring with you the newest and latest there is to learn about how we can achieve more and succeed.

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you. Feel free to post your comments or questions below or if you want to contact me privately you can do that here: CONTACT ME HERE.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.