One Hour per Day


e_nightingaleThe late Earl Nightingale was a giant in the self-improvement business in the mid-20th century. He published a large number of really good audio programs and his resonating deep voice is a pleasure to listen to.

In one of his programs he teaches the value of dedicating one hour each day to writing down your primary goal and then writing out every idea you can come up with to achieve that goal. This is a brainstorming session – no idea is too strange our outlandish. Write them down as fast as they come.

Then go through a process of eliminating the ones that you determine are not practical or desirable and this will likely be a lot of them. You are sifting through a lot of chaff to find the seeds of success. You will ultimately find one or two or maybe more good ideas worth pursuing.

Nightingale observes that if you did this one hour a day every day you would spend the equivalent of 45 eight hour days a year developing ideas and planning. This translates into a tremendous resource to expand our ideas and capacity and become more productive.

Many may say that they do not have an hour a day to devote to this and that may be true for some. Even if you only spent 15 minutes a day doing this, that is ten full days a year brainstorming ideas and expanding your potential.

This is a free way to expand your capacity. Your ideas are your wealth to be developed. Try this for one week and see how many excellent ideas you come up with to more effectively achieve your goal.

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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