Nothing Is As Difficult As This

There is simply nothing as difficult as genuinely accepting full responsibility for our own lives. You would think that not true. After all – we are adults right? We are responsible for our own actions and our lives, right?

In fact few people truly accept that. We blame everything. We blame the actions of others. We blame the weather, politics (office or national), taxes, the economy, our friends, our adversaries, our competitors, our bosses, our spouses, our children, our parents, our siblings…. the list is nearly endless. It is never our fault. We do not accept full responsibility for our lives. 

I have reviewed hundreds of excellent books on personal success and one of the most common elements they all contain is this insight. Until you truly accept full responsibility for your own life you can never really succeed. That is a great insight. It sounds simple on the surface. However to live it every day is a tremendous challenge. 

I recently read a Success Blog article by Patti Johnson on this. She gives you ten things you should do each day to improve your life. These ten little things are great advice and I urge you to read them and implement them. But perhaps the most important one is the need to accept full responsibility for our own lives. 

No excuses. No blaming. It is a powerful achievement. Once you do it you can take control over your life, your destiny and your achievement. Nothing is as empowering as that. It is very difficult, but like most things in life worth doing, it is highly valuable. It is a life changer. 

What about you? Do you accept full responsibility for your life?

Wishing you success and prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy
Helping People Learn to Build Wealth

Wishing you Success and Prosperity,

Daniel R. Murphy

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.