Living Your Legacy

Briana Wiest, blogger, recently wrote about the importance of living for the future. Living for your legacy.

Wiest writes about how principles control the outcomes in our lives. She observes that our little habits, repeated daily, create the legacy of our lives.

I’ve written here before on how important it is to your financial success, and success in general, to be aware of this – to cultivate those habits that build over time – build your skills, your health, your bank account and your legacy. As Weist observes the big things in our lives are the small things done repeatedly. By being aware of how these daily habits create our future and our legacy we can exercise considerable control over where we are headed.

Beginning each day with a beer and a cigarette are likely to create a much different future for us than beginning each day with sensible exercise and a healthy breakfast. The beer and the cigarette may provide an immediate pleasure but they do not build health and a good future. This is what Weist means when she says we should live for our legacy rather than for the moment.

People often rebel at following the rules or living in a way that leads to a better future. We often hear people say they want to be free to do as they please and to enjoy life. In response Weist observes, “Freedom is not the ability to act on any given impulse, it is the ability to choose what you want to act on, and why. It is not the absence of commitments, values, or discipline, it is the ability to choose them at will”.

Everything we do has consequences. Our actions influence our future. To understand this and act accordingly is an attainment of wisdom.

Read Briana’s post here.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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