What a Navy Seal Can Teach Us

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From a post on Business Insider by Alexander Maasik–

>Last week we did an interview with Jeff Boss, a leadership coach who focuses on adaptability and brings his experience from being a Navy SEAL into the corporate world. You can learn more about him on his website.

According to Jeff the  principles for success are the same in the Navy and the corporate world: self-awareness, open communication, trust — all the fundamentals of leadership that are covered in every HBR article.

What are the key factors for  a good internal environment in an organization?

Trust. Everything stems from trust. Trust in one’s competence to execute a task correctly and trust in one’s intent to do so positively.

For example, when we fly on an airplane we trust the pilot with two things, that he has: A) the skill to fly the plane and B) the will to do so with positive intentions (and not nose dive it into the ground).

Everything else — a willingness to face conflict (or avoid it), communicate, collaborate, share a common purpose — is built after the foundation of trust exists.<<

Boss’ focuses on the importance of trust in leadership. From there he explains how to avoid common mistakes leaders make.

Perhaps we can all learn something from a former Navy Seal.

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