Learning from John G Miller

As I transition content from my books2wealth site to this site it is like visiting old friends. The articles, book reviews and interviews are worth looking at again. In 2010 I sent my newsletter readers my book review of John G. Miller’s book, Outstanding! – 47 Ways to Make Your Organization Great and that year I also published my interview with John. Both the book review (posted last October) and the interview are now available on this blog.

Miller is the founder of QBQ, Inc. and a best-selling author. In addition to Outstanding! he also wrote QBQ: The Question Behind the Question. Miller is a speaker and consultant. His books are very informative and well written. A wonderful thing about books and interviews is that we can go back after some time has passed and learn even more from them.

Read the book review here and the interview here. You will pick up some great ideas about how to improve how an organization works and you may well be able to apply them in your organization, whatever it may be. You will also find some gems about how be more effective as an individual.

Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
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