Learning From 2016 – Planning for 2017

successHow was 2016 for you? I hope it was good or at least mostly good. Did you achieve your goals? Did you make progress on them. This is always a very good time to take stock of where you are, how far you’ve come, and where you are going.


Every year of our lives teaches us things. We merely have to listen. I hope you keep some form of journal. Reviewing a journal is an excellent way to see what you have accomplished and what you may have fallen behind on.

What you write down you will remember and learn from more effectively. Write down a list of the goals achieved, the important things accomplished, and of course the places where things did not work out as hoped.

From this list, and after some reflection, make a list of what you have learned. What works and what does not? How must you adjust your approach in light of your results?

If you suffered some setbacks analyze them. Did you set expectations too high? Not high enough? Did you plan adequately? Did you stay focused? Did you make needed changes to adapt to external change? What might you do differently? Where might you learn skills or information that would help you do things differently?


Now that you have assessed the past year you can plan for the coming year. You can use what you learned from 2016 to do better in 2017.

Create your new goals for 2017. Some may be to complete unfinished goals from 2016. If so re-establish your date of achievement and your mileposts – those things that you plan to achieve monthly, quarterly, and at year’s end.

Do you have new things you would like to achieve? Create new goals then. Just remember not to have too many goals. One to three is ideal. More than that and you can easily overwhelm yourself and achieve little on any goal. It is OK to have more than 3 goals if you work them in succession: get the first three done and then work the next three. Or as one goal is achieved start on another.

It is always exciting to plan for the new year. It will motivate you. The possible is inspiring. Where do you see yourself on December 28, 2017? That is your bearing. Make your plans to move in that direction.

I wish you success and happiness in 2017. I hope to see you here on the blog next year.

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Wishing you well,

Daniel R. Murphy
Educating people for building wealth, adapting to a changing future and personal development.