Is There Bad Luck?

cloverIs there such a thing as bad luck or good luck? Here are three articles on this subject. If you feel you are blessed with good luck or cursed with bad luck you need to read these to get a different perspective. — 

Some people seem born lucky. Everything they touch turns to gold. Others are dogged by misfortune. 

It’s not just people who might be lucky or unlucky – it can be single acts. When the ball hits a post in soccer, the commentators often say the striker was unlucky. We sometimes argue whether an act was lucky or not. I might say your pool shot was lucky. “Not luck; skill”, you might reply. 

Is any of this talk sensible? Is there really such a thing as luck? Do some people have more of it than others (just as some people are better at pool than others)? I think there is a perfectly reasonable way of making sense of talk about luck. But there is no such thing as luck. It isn’t a property, like mass, or an object. Rather, to talk about luck is to talk about how things might easily have gone.

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In past generations, success was synonymous with hard work. In today’s consumer and glamour society, faith in luck has replaced faith in hard work and religion. One function that both luck and religion share is that both give hope. Nevertheless, empowering one’s self and being more active so as to generate one’s own “luck” is better than just waiting to get lucky.

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Are you one of those people who are always suffering setbacks? Does little ever seem to go right for you? Are you dogged by constant instances of sheer bad luck? Do you sometimes feel that the universe is out to get you? 

Let me let you into a secret: your luck is no worse—and no better—than anyone else’s. It just feels that way. Better, still, there are two simple things you can do which will reverse your feelings of being unlucky.

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After you read these three perspectives on luck has your view changed at all? What do you think? Let us know, post a comment.

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